Your honeymoon with your dollar dreams

When young people are asked if they have a dream they will often reply "to be a millionaire"" or sometimes a "billionaire". If you ask them how they will get there they will normally not know or be hazy on details with answers like "be a famous film star or rock star" or "make the next Facebook". They are full of the dream.

Keith Cunningham gives an example that successful happy people don't get that way by arriving at a destination, like aiming to be a millionaire. The people he interviewed all said that they arrived because all along the way they pursued some activity that they enjoyed and had passion for. They kept going after that same pursuit and didn't try a little of this and a little of that, keeping their energy focused in one direction. Money followed once their passion and skill meant people would pay them to do it, small at first.

To become successful these people who ended being millionaires or billionaires were in love with what they did every day, and a million or billion dollars was not a reason to say they "had arrived and would now be happy". They were already happy and continued doing what they did, unless they didn't

It is true that some did change when they reached a certain bank account total because they did think that they had "arrived" and there was no need to worry as their job was done. They had a hard lesson to learn and often found their money disappeared without them taking notice, finding they suddenly seemed to get a lot of difficult and unhappy customers and a company in trouble. They had a big task infront of them to rebuild and fix the situation and a fortunate group amongst them reevaluated if they were happy doing what they were doing and to not aim to be happy based on some dream amount in a bank account. Reevaluate what you base your passion and happiness on today

May 30 2011 5:42 PM